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Føler du dig presset, truet eller kontrolleret af din familie? Står du med problemer, der har med din families ære at gøre? Etnisk Ung tilbyder professionel, anonym rådgivning.


Ethnic Minority Youth


Ethnic Minority Youth has since 2002 offered free and professional counseling on honour related conflicts to youths and young adults, parents and professionals


Ethnic Minority Youth provides professional counseling to young adults, parents and professionals concerned with honor related conflicts. The team forms one of the strongest resources in the country within the honor related field.


Through anonymous consulting to youth adults and parents, exchanging of knowledge with professionals and general information to the public regarding honor related conflicts, the team works towards minimizing honor related conflicts in Danish society.


More than 1100 young adults and professionals contact us every year, seeking counseling on varying issues from forced marriages to leading a double life. Ethnic Minority Youth is a free, anonymous and a nationwide offer, which addresses young men and women as well as parents.


At Ethnic Minority Youth we believe that all young adults have the right to a life without pressure and threats. This principle creates the grounds for all of our work.


Counseling to Youths and Young Adults

Hotline 70 27 76 66

Anonymous mailbox

You can expect us to answer in 2-3 work days 

Counseling to Professionals


Telephone 70 27 76 66

All week days from 9-15


Counseling to Parents

Telephone 70 27 03 66

All week days from 9-15


All counseling services are free and available nation-wide.